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Summer Soiree

On Tuesday, June 14th, 2011, the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) hosted a Summer Soiree cocktail reception at the Thom Bar in the Sixty Thompson Hotel in New York City. Over 120 young professionals gathered for the event, including many individuals who grew up with a learning disability (LD) and other “allies” who are passionate about providing educational and professional opportunities for individuals who learn differently.

The event was chaired by NCLD Board Member, Cassia Schifter. Other members of the Host Committee included: Jesse Corradi, Carter Gray, Joanna Merrill, Allyson Smith, Natalie Soud, Julia Steers, Rachel & Robin Thebault, Doug Weeden, and Josh Wexler.

The night provided an opportunity for attendees to connect with others who have shared similar experiences because of their LD or from supporting friends and siblings with LD. Host Committee Members Cassia Schifter and Josh Wexler spoke during a short program, each sharing some of their personal experiences growing up with LD. The presentation was extremely meaningful for other young people with LD in the room and enlightening for those newer to the experience of LD. Both Schifter and Wexler agreed that despite the challenges they’ve faced because of their learning disability, there are also great strengths to be associated with it.

NCLD Executive Director James Wendorf also spoke during the short program, sharing more about NCLD’s important work to ensure that all children with LD get the tools and resources they need to succeed.

The reception garnered very positive feedback from guests in attendance, many of whom were excited to get more involved with the work of NCLD. Overall, the night was a great success, serving as a kickoff for future NCLD events and programs engaging these and other young professionals excited about the work of NCLD.