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Hidden Thoughts of LD Art Competition (2010)

"Hidden Thoughts of LD 2010" Art Competition Winners and Runners Up

Thank you to all the talented artists who entered their work in the NCLD's "Hidden Thoughts of LD" 2010 Annual Art Competition. We're pleased to announce the winners of this year's contest.

We awarded a $500 prize to the winner of each age group category (Child, Teen and Adult). Congratulations to our Winners and Runners Up!

Please click on images to view clear, enlarged photos.


Children's Category (4-11 age group)

Winner — Brian Rhee


Runners Up

Sabina Yosif I Sarah Liebau I Timothy Olkowski I Paris Starn

{morfeo 14}


"Different" by Paris Starn
"Figured it Out" by Tim Olkowski

Teen Category (12 - 18 age group)

Winner — Noah Yosif

Runners up

Tianda McPherson I Marielle Moreno

{morfeo 15}

Adult Category (19+ age group)

Winner — Shannon Twilley


Runners up

Jennifer Borthwick I Mark Breten

{morfeo 16}