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The Gateway Schools

One of the 2010 Pete and Carrie Rozelle Award winners is The Gateway Schools, located in New York City. Families who arrive at Gateway feel a profound sense of relief as they come to know a school that is committed to addressing a student’s learning challenges while allowing her abilities, interests, and passions to shine.

For nearly fifty years, Gateway has trained educators to follow a personalized academic approach to meeting students’ educational needs; this policy compels students with learning disabilities to become self-sufficient problem solvers who understand themselves better as learners and who can work successfully to achieve personal and academic goals. The school also maintains a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary academic style in which arts and technology are emphasized along with traditional academic disciplines, allowing students to consider learning situations from many perspectives. Gateway’s healthy teaching environment serves to complement its innovative curriculum.

Gateway strives to raise awareness about providing education for children with learning disabilities. Through parent and professional workshops, a network of charter and traditional public schools, professional development support for individual charter schools in Harlem, and the establishment of NYC’s first bilingual, collaboratively-taught kindergarten program at a public school in Queens, Gateway is able to reach hundreds of teachers and students in New York City each year. In addition, by developing academic and professional partnerships with schools in Puerto Rico, Denmark, Japan, India and Mexico, the impact of Gateway’s outreach is felt well-beyond the classrooms of New York City.