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Public School 164, The Caesar Rodney Elementary School

One of the 2010 Pete and Carrie Rozelle Award winners is Public School 164, The Caesar Rodney Elementary School, located in Brooklyn, NY. Public School 164 is one of the most forward thinking schools in New York City. As a Title I school, PS 164 has received an "A" on their annual progress report for the last four school years by providing an exceptional education for its 515 students.

Realizing the importance of literacy in the early grades, the teachers and administrators of P.S. 164 have successfully improved instruction for all students. P.S. 164 now embraces 13 Special Education classes that support struggling learners at various stages. These classes maintain an “integrated” approach by holding all students to the same academic expectations. This high-accountability model promotes a culture of responsible inclusion while demanding all students understand and respect each others’ differences, in and out of the classroom.

Teachers at P.S. 164 empower their students to understand their strengths as learners while monitoring their learning progress and encouraging them to take charge of their own learning styles. Special education and general education faculty meet regularly and collaborate on how to best support each other and meet the unique needs of individual students. At P.S. 164, all students are expected to succeed and each child is entitled to and receives an exceptional education. With its integrative learning models and collaborative academic approaches, P.S. 164 raises the bar for public school education.