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The Stephen Gaynor School

NCLD is proud to announce the 2011 Independent School Recipient of the Pete and Carrie Rozelle Award: The Stephen Gaynor School, in New York, NY.  Head of School, Scott Gaynor proudly accepted the award at NCLD’s 2011 Celebrating Our Schools Luncheon, which was presented to him by Cassidy Kahn, a Stephen Gaynor School alumna.

The Stephen Gaynor School is an independent, nonprofit elementary and middle school for bright students with learning differences. Students facing learning challenges, from Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to speech, language, and motor delays, learn in a comfortable, nurturing environment and with an unparalleled level of personal attention from the Gaynor School’s experienced and expert staff.  Students at the Gaynor School break down barriers to learning, build self-esteem, and bridge the gap between their intellect and performance.

The Stephen Gaynor School prides itself in taking a “whole-child approach,” giving students every opportunity to explore their interests and nurture their talents. In addition to general subject areas, they offer strong programs in computer literacy and physical education and exceptional experiences in the arts including drama, photography, music, and sculpture. The average class size is just 11 students, taught by two teachers who are able to get to know each child individually and design a curriculum ideally suited to each student’s needs. Challenged to perform at their best while advancing at their own pace, Gaynor students are joyful learners.

Founded when the field of special education was in its infancy, the Stephen Gaynor School pioneered the highly individualized, multisensory approach still used today. With an ongoing commitment to research, adopt, and develop the most effective teaching methods, the Stephen Gaynor School remains one of the most highly regarded schools of its kind in New York City and beyond.