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Andrew Kavulich

Andrew Kavulich has four children, Grace, Ava, Sophia and Luke — three of whom are classically dyslexic, and one's learning style is "normal." What has driven him to this point of advocacy is a local administrator responsible for Grace stating, "dyslexia doesn't exist in this district!"

From that moment, Andy and his wife wanted to work through the system to make change so other children and families would not have to deal with the same ignorant policies.

Andrew was fortunate to attend the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson. One of his greatest quotes was, "I cannot live without books." No doubt he would be proud of this Parent Leaders Team forming to make this quote a reality for the millions of LD students who are currently dismissed by our education system.

In Andrew's own words: "I believe in our country and the greatest thing about it is we can change for the better — we just have to show up."