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Hilary Cole

hilary coleHilary Cole resides in Oak Hill, VA, and is the mother of one daughter and four sons, three of whom have learning disabilities (LD). When twin sons Jesse & Justin (18) were first diagnosed with LD in the third grade, Hilary and her husband Jack were concerned about what this would mean for the boys’ future, but were also grateful to finally understand why their kids were having such issues in school.

Hilary made it a point to become familiar with the world of learning disabilities and special education. After doing this, she was able to advocate for early testing and intervention for her son Jake (11) when it was suspected that he had a learning disability as well. All three boys are currently doing well in school and Jesse and Justin will begin college in the fall. Hilary believes that the greatest gift that anyone can give to a child with learning disabilities is the belief that they can be very successful in school and in life, regardless of their disabilities.

Hilary is the President and Co-Owner of Cole Construction, LLC. She has a MA degree in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico and a BA degree in International Affairs from Florida State University.