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Julie Buick

Julie Buick is the proud mother of three wonderful, energetic and sometimes challenging children. Her children's disabilities have given her a unique perspective on disabilities in relationship to education, inclusion, community, and the future. Julie has a background in early childhood and currently works as an Educational Advocate and Trainer in Rochester, NY. She is passionately dedicated to creating a community that supports and includes children of all abilities. She sees volunteering in her community is a necessity to creating positive change.

Julie is a graduate of NYS Partners in Policy Making and has used her training to meet with legislators in both New York State and Washington D.C. She has given written and spoken testimony on various causes and currently sit on both local and statewide committees. Her children have various disabilities which include Autism, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder and Learning Disability Not Otherwise Specified (CAPD, executive functioning challenges...). Having three very different children with three completely different disabilities has provided Julie with a wealth of knowledge on both learning disabilities and developmental disabilities. She is able to incorporate this knowledge in helping families in her community by way of both volunteer work and within her career.

Julie is also the sister of two siblings who also have dyslexia, central auditory processing, both of which she was the primary caretaker for many years. Credit also goes to her husband as without his support for her children and herself she would not be able to do what she does.