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Connie Hawkins

Executive Director
Exceptional Children's Assistance Center, North Carolina

Connie Hawkins is the executive director for the Exceptional Children's Assistance Center (ECAC). The ECAC is a federally funded Parent Training & Information Center providing a full set of services, at no charge, to families in North Carolina, and also houses a PIRC (Title 1 Parent Center). For over 20 years, Connie has served parents to provide information, training and resources, managing more than 40 full and part-time staff with offices throughout North Carolina. In 2004, Connie was honored by the Public Schools of North Carolina and received the Distinguished Service Award for making an outstanding contribution to the lives of students with disabilities.

She serves as a national advisor to the National Center for Education Outcomes and has held numerous local, state and federal advisory positions. She is also the director of two Regional Centers for the OSEP Funded Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers. Connie is the parent of an adult with learning disabilities.