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Diane R. Paul, Ph.D.

Director, Speech-Language Pathology

American Speech Language Hearing Association

Dr. Diane R. Paul is the director of Clinical Issues in Speech-Language Pathology for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Dr. Paul is responsible for providing professional consultation to speech-language pathologists, tracking speech-language pathology trends, developing professional information products, coordinating professional education programs, and assisting with the development of policy documents on speech-language pathology issues.

Her work focuses on issues such as speech-language pathology practice in neonatal intensive care units, emergent literacy and early intervention, health literacy, early indicators of learning disabilities, communication wellness, the role of the speech-language pathologist with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, mental retardation and developmental disabilities, and severe communication disabilities. She previously served as ASHA's director of Consumer Information and helped write the Let's Talk newsletter, brochures, and other consumer materials.

Prior employment included work as a clinical supervisor at the University of Maryland and as a clinical director at the National Children's Center and the National Institute of Dyslexia in Washington, DC. Dr. Paul's research has focused on communication interactions among preschool children at different developmental levels. Dr. Paul is the chair of the Committee on Speech and Language Learning Disabilities in Children for the Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Communicative Disabilities and Deafness. She serves as the DCDD representative to the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities.