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Laura Breeden

Davis and Chapman
Career Management and Outplacement Firm

Laura Breeden received a Bachelor of Arts in Family Counseling from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Human Resource Management and Training from the American University. While in graduate school, Ms. Breeden taught and provided career counseling services at the American University.

Ms. Breeden was a Juvenile Probation Officer for several years and engaged in vocational and career counseling for the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. During this time, she started a volunteer tutoring program for youth from disadvantaged homes in the Shaw and Cardoza neighborhoods of Washington, DC.

Following graduate school, she spent several years in a private practice, designing and delivering group programs in career management, career transition and pre-retirement planning for companies such as Bell Atlantic, TRW; and Associations and Government agencies including the Department of Treasury, the State Department and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Ms. Breeden also engaged in individual career counseling and outplacement for several years. In 1987, Ms. Breeden joined the National Outplacement Firm of Drake Beam and Morin, where she provided group and individual transition services for numerous Fortune 100 companies and ran the Spouse Relocation Program for three national companies. In 1996, she joined the Career Management and Outplacement Firm of Davis and Chapman where she is currently a Partner.

Ms Breeden is also the mother of three children, two of whom have learning disabilities. In this regard, Ms. Breeden has been an active advocate, working to help her own and other children receive the mandated and necessary services they need to succeed.