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Itai Boublil

Itai BoublilCommunities Manager, Online Strategy & Engagement

Itai Boublil is the communities manager on NCLD's online strategy and engagement team. He is the voice of NCLD's social media community, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Itai also works on video production.

Itai has been involved in consulting and management positions in the areas of marketing and strategic planning for nine years. Since 2007, Itai has been pursuing his passion for learning inbound marketing  strategies and tactics. He has written numerous marketing articles that are available on websites such as In his spare time, Itai serves as a marketing advisor to the start-up company Rollevent.

Itai earned a B.S. in marketing and new ventures management from Northeastern University. In addition to his passion for inbound marketing, Itai's interests lay in photography, foreign cuisine, travel, and Olympic weightlifting.