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Kaleigh Dumbach-Fusco

Kaleigh DumbachProgram Associate, LD Resources & Essential Information

Kaleigh Dumbach-Fusco is the Program Associate for NCLD’s LD Resources & Essential Information team. She wears many hats at NCLD, including writing and producing web content, managing the Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship program, representing NCLD at national conferences, and coordinating interns in the New York office.

Kaleigh, an advocate for improving educational opportunities for all children, taught elementary school in Harlem before joining the NCLD team. During her college years, she was a research and editorial assistant at the Barnard Center for Research on Women, a consultant at Barnard’s Writing Center, a U.S. Senate intern, and a peer counselor at Columbia’s Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center.

She holds a B.A. in urban studies and education from Barnard College, Columbia University.