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Questions Employers Might Ask at the Job Interview

How to Do An Interview - Interview Skills

Employers use job interviews to get a better sense of whether the applicant is a good fit for the job. The interview is also an opportunity to learn about the specific job responsibilities, the employer, and the work climate. It is an opportunity for you to determine if the position is right for you. It is also a chance to determine what challenges you might face because of your learning disability at this potential place of employment.

Sample Interview Questions:

The following are a few questions that you should be prepared to answer at your job interview. For handy worksheet to help you prepare visit our article "Practice Questions for Your Job Interview."


  1. Why are you interested in this job? In this company?

  2. What do you know about our company?

  3. What special talents or skills can you bring to this job?

  4. What are your career goals?

  5. What are your two greatest strengths?

  6. What is your greatest weakness?

  7. Tell me about yourself.

  8. In your last job, which tasks did you enjoy most? Least? Why?

  9. Why did you leave your last job?

  10. Are you a "team player"? Explain and give some examples.

  11. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishments?

  12. Under what type of supervision do you work best?

  13. How well do you work under pressure?

  14. What is your salary requirement? What benefits (i.e. medical, dental, vacation time) do you expect?

  15. Why should I hire you?

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