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Understanding Your Strengths for Success in the Workplace

How to Succeed in the Workplace - Best Job For You

Understanding Your Strengths

The ideal job allows you to tap your areas of strength on a regular basis. Knowing what you do best (and how you can circumvent the challenges of LD) can help you to succeed in the workplace.

Your strengths are generally tied to your interests. People tend to spend more time doing things that interest them, and, as a result, they enjoy greater efficiency and develop even better skills in these areas. To gain a better understanding of your strengths, think about things you enjoy doing. To help you better understand your strengths and interests, fill out the following questionnaire. (Feel free to print out this page and answer the questions on paper.

My Interests and Strengths

  1. What were some of your interests when you were young?
  2. What are your current interests? What do you do for fun?
  3. What did you do when you were young that you were proud of?
  4. What do you do now that you are proud of?
  5. What did your parents and teachers always praise you for?
  6. What do you do now that makes your family members and friends proud of you?
  7. What are you good at now?
  8. What have you achieved?
  9. What kinds of jobs have you had so far that you have enjoyed?
  10. What volunteer work did you do that was successful?
  11. What skills would you like to develop?

After you have completed the questionnaire, you may want to show it to family members or friends who know you well. They may be aware of strengths that you have not included.

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