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Protections During a Job Interview

Job Interview - Adults With Learning Disabilities The same laws that protect you from discrimination on the job also protect you during an interview. At a job interview, the prospective employer is not permitted to ask if you have a disability. You may want to wait until after you are offered a job to disclose your learning disability and your need for accommodations.

Once you are on the job, an employer cannot discriminate against you because of your disability. For example, your employer may not:

  • Overlook you for promotion based solely on your disability.
  • Refuse to give you training if it is offered to people in similar jobs.
  • Fire you just because you have a learning disability.

Under the law, employers at a workplace with at least fifteen employees must provide reasonable accommodations for your learning disability. Keep in mind that you must disclose your learning disability and ask for accommodations.

If you know your rights, you will be able to approach the job search process with confidence. You also will be able to negotiate with your employer for any reasonable accommodations that will help you succeed.

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