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Your Rights and Responsibilities as an Adult with LD

Adults With Learning Disabilities – Rights And ResponsibilitiesIf you have current documentation of your learning disability, you likely have the right to:

  • Participate in educational programs without discrimination.
  • Receive reasonable accommodations in courses and examinations.
  • Receive reasonable accommodations in the workplace (required if there are fifteen or more employees).

However, there are responsibilities that go along with these rights. If you wish to receive the accommodations that you're entitled to under the law, you must:

  • Identify yourself as a person with a learning disability. This can be done in a confidential meeting with your employer or with the disabilities services coordinator at your school.
  • Provide documentation concerning your learning disability and your need for accommodations. This can simply be a letter or a report from the professional who evaluated you. It should state how your learning disability affects your performance and recommend reasonable accommodations. If requested, be prepared to share further information such as the methods used in the diagnostic process, including names of the tests given to you

Don't wait for the last minute! Request specific accommodations in a timely manner.

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