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Tips for Daily Living

Maybe your learning disability (LD) makes it difficult to communicate with your partner. Perhaps, as a parent with LD, you have trouble staying organized for your kids. Or, possibly, your math difficulties make balancing a checkbook feel like running a marathon. We understand that every day can be a struggle and hope that the information below will help.


Tips for Daily Living

Learning Disabilities in Adulthood

Adult Learning - Adults with Learning Disabilities We live in a world where "early" is thought to be "better," and in many ways, this mindset serves us well, especially as it applies to learning. With increasing success, we are able to focus well-deserved attention on early recognition and response to struggling preschoolers, early intervention services for young children with identified special education needs, early and well-targeted instruction to school-age students who are falling behind in skills development, and early identification of learning disabilities (LD). In an ideal world, students who struggle are able to overcome their challenges and grow to become adults who enjoy personal satisfaction, high self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and productive relationships within their families and in the general community. If only this was the case.

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Being a Spouse or Partner When You Have a Learning Disability

Adults With Learning Disabilities – Learning Disorders In Adults Maintaining a long-lasting and satisfying relationship with a spouse or partner is challenging enough. But having a learning disability (LD) may make it even harder. You may want the relationship to be a stronger one, but you don't know how to make that happen. Some of the behaviors associated with your learning disability may annoy your partner, and your partner's criticism of you may cause you to feel dissatisfied with the relationship.

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Managing Money When You Have LD or ADHD

job-interview-man-in-suitLiving independently—managing your life on your own—is probably one of your major goals. One key aspect of independent living is managing your money: budgeting, controlling spending, balancing your checkbook, saving for major purchases, paying bills on time, banking, estimating costs and so on. Many people with learning disabilities (especially those with the math LD “dyscalculia” or ADHD) find that managing money is among the most difficult problems they face.

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Our Top 10 Inspirational Quotes of 2013

Bright and early every Monday morning, we share a motivational pearl of wisdom on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to help get your week off to the right start.

All year, we’ve shared quotations from inspirational world leaders, movie stars, poets, superstar athletes and, of course, educators and people with LD and ADHD. Click on the image below to see our top 10. What’s your favorite motivational mantra?

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