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How to Be a “Dad-vocate” for Children with Learning Disabilities (audio)

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What role should dads play in a home where learning disabilities are a factor? How important is dad’s voice when approaching school personnel? Three of NCLD’s Parent Leaders provide their perspective in the podcasts below.




Andrew Kavulich has four children—and three of them have dyslexia. Andrew, who is a full-time stay-at-home dad, encourages parents to maintain a united front when communicating with educators.


icon_podcastsListen to Andrew's story (length: 6 minutes):



Michael Kaczor is an Independent Master Advocate who works to ensure not only his son’s rights, but also the rights of students in various school districts and states. Michael, who is passionate about staying informed and keeping expectations for his child high, shares a number of interesting tips—including his perspective on how much time a child should spend on homework.


icon_podcastsListen to Michael’s story (length: 5 minutes):



Altaf Rahamatulla, is the father of six children, one of whom has a learning disability. Altaf describes how to address misunderstandings among siblings at home and the importance of taking part in conversations between parents and educators.


icon_podcastsListen to Altaf’s story (length: 9 minutes):


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