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AD/HD Awareness Week: Addressing Myths, Diagnoses, and Treatments

scholarships-for-students-with-learning-disabilitiesDid you know that about one-third of people with learning disabilities (LD) also have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)? While these two disorders are not the same thing, they do share some similarities…and they both can interfere with learning and behavior.

This week, October 14-20, is AD/HD Awareness Week. If you, your child, or your student struggle with learning and/or attention issues, especially if certain “problem situations” occur repeatedly, we invite you to learn more! The sooner you understand what’s going on, the sooner you can begin to address the concerns.

Our AD/HD section on LD.org is filled with detailed information, expert strategies, and handy tips. Here are a few highlights:

•    Attention and Learning Problems: Which Came First?
•    How AD/HD Affects Learning
•    Myths and Misconceptions about AD/HD: Science over Cynicism
•    Managing the Problem Situations of LD and AD/HD: Partnering with Your Child's Doctor
•    Tips for Parenting a Child with AD/HD

And be sure to read our new feature from Carter Norman. His story, A Father and Educator’s Story: AD/HD Myths, Diagnoses, and Treatments, is a refreshingly honest account of his own experience as a parent and an educator. He describes his resistance to other teachers' suggestions that his son might have AD/HD due to assumptions, fears, and common myths about the disorder. He also explains the positive results both he and his son have experienced once they received accurate diagnoses and treatments.