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Go Vote! Election Day 2012 Is Important for Children with LD

learning-about-disabilities-the-white-houseOnly a few hours left today to vote! It’s your final opportunity to make your voice heard!

If you haven’t yet cast your ballot, please take a few moments to review the issues at stake for children with LD, and to learn why these issues are important to every parent of a child with a learning disability.

Your vote counts! We encourage you to vote for the candidates you believe will best represent what we want for all our children – especially children with a learning disability and other struggling learners. Our right to vote grants us the opportunity to make sure that our president and elected officials are advocates for our children. Your vote can make that difference.

Because more people tend to vote in a presidential election year, this election cycle is a perfect opportunity for parents and children’s advocates to speak loud and clear about the issues confronting our children. We cannot afford to be silent!

Today is important, but for parents of children with LD, we know that every day is important. Supporting our children – those with LD and other struggling learners – doesn’t end on Election Day 2012. Every local official, every member of Congress, and every president can be an advocate for children with LD. After the election, don’t forget to ask your state and local officials the questions listed in our election section. Standing up for children with LD doesn’t end today!

And, finally, sign our petition to let the president know we care about a quality education for kids with LD.

Your vote – and your voice – count!