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News Roundup: Myths, Tips, and Rights

special-education-law-woman-and-sonBack-to-school time is always busy for families—between getting to know your child’s new teachers, shopping for supplies, and getting used to the daily grind of homework, you’ve probably missed some of the latest news about learning disabilities (LD). Take a few minutes now to check out this compilation of stories about LD featured in national newspapers and blogs. You’ll learn about NCLD’s survey on public perceptions of LD (some people’s beliefs might surprise you!), find out how to evaluate college learning disability programs, and hear about one family’s struggle for full inclusion for their son.

Learning Disability Causes, Treatments Commonly Misunderstood, Survey Shows (The Huffington Post)
NCLD recently surveyed nearly 2,000 Americans to find out what people really know about LD. The results showed that most Americans have a lot of uncertainty about what “LD” really means, and what possible causes and treatments are. Check out this article from The Huffington Post to find out what we learned about the public’s knowledge of LD.


How to Judge College Learning Disability Programs (CBS News)
Searching for the right college can be difficult for any student, but poses special challenges for students with LD. Prospective students and their families need to know what support services and accommodations are offered for students with LD. Read this article from college consultant Joy App to find out what questions you should ask a college disability services office.



Lancaster County Family Fights to Allow Dyslexic Son to Play Football (Fox 43 Pennsylvania)
Your child’s emotional and social development are just as important as their academic skills. Extracurricular activities can be one part of helping children with LD become socially savvy while having fun. Skylin Miller, age 15, credits football with increasing his self-esteem and helping him make friends. But his local school district has ruled that he cannot play on their football team because he was placed at an out-of-district private school for students with LD. Learn more about his family’s fight for access to extracurriculars for their son at Fox 43 Pennsylvania.