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Recap on the National Forum on Disability Issues, New Election 2012 Materials

the-americans-with-disabilities-official-ballotThe 2012 National Forum on Disability Issues was held Friday, September 28th, in Columbus, Ohio. (NCLD was a committee co-sponsor.) This event, first held in 2008, is the only one that invites presidential candidates to present their positions on disability issues directly to the constituency. The room for this year’s event was packed to capacity — 500 people attended in person. More than 2,000 people watched it live via webcast and many groups had special gatherings to view it together. We’re glad so many people got involved!

Although President Obama and Governor Romney didn’t attend in person, they sent surrogates on their behalf – Ted Kennedy Jr., and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers respectively. Both have personal connections to the issues: Ted Kennedy Jr. lost a leg to bone cancer at age 12 and Rep. McMorris Rodgers has a 5-year-old son with Down syndrome. The presidential candidates’ surrogates fielded questions from former CNN anchor Frank Sesno, the moderator at the Forum, which largely focused on concerns about health care and Medicaid coverage, community employment, independent living, and access to higher education. President Obama sent a video which was played at the Forum that features people with disabilities. The video has now been released nationwide. Additionally, Ohio senatorial candidates, current Senator Sherrod Brown and Treasurer Joshua Mandel spoke at the Forum.

Learn More about the Election 2012 Campaign

To continue with NCLD’s Election 2012 coverage on the presidential race, we’ve highlighted the important policy issues at stake – those that that matter to you and your child with learning disabilities. We invite you to become familiar with these election issues so you can see where the candidates stand.

And don’t forget about your state and local candidates who are running for office. Make a difference in your community and ask them questions from our election page.

We also sent similar questions to both presidential candidates and we received a response from the Obama campaign.

The presidential debates are a great way to learn what the candidates have to say about certain topics. We hope you watched the first debate last Thursday. The next debate, this Thursday, October 18th, will feature the vice presidential candidates. The next presidential debate is October 16th and the final presidential debate is October 22nd.

We encourage you to read and share NCLD’s Election 2012 section so you’ll understand what’s at stake related to education and disability issues that impact students with learning disabilities.

It is important to make your voice heard, so don’t forget to vote on November 6th!