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Results Driven Accountability: Improving Learning Outcomes

no-child-left-behind-congressThe Department of Education’s Office of Special Education (OSEP) is taking an opportunity to make improvements. OSEP is in the process of developing a new system called Results Driven Accountability (RDA). RDA would hold states accountable for learning outcomes while at the same time continuing to assure that the compliance requirements such as timeliness of evaluations and transition planning continue for special education students including those with learning disabilities (LD).

OSEP is considering reforming major components of the current system such as annual performance report indicators, state status determinations, and monitoring procedures. A Results Driven Accountability system would assure that student learning outcomes such as achieving reading and math proficiency and graduating from high school are a focus of when state technical assistance is given to schools and school districts. NCLD thinks this new focus on student outcomes is long overdue.

What do you think would make a difference? OSEP has posed several important public questions for you to consider and provide input such as:

  • How can OSEP best support state efforts to improve educational results and functional outcomes?
  • What are the best ways to measure Child Find, early childhood transition, secondary transition, and effective monitoring?
  • Which indicators are most closely related to improving educational results and functional outcomes


You can help OSEP understand how to make positive change to impact student learning and other important outcomes by sharing your ideas and comments to these questions and more at the RDA Comments Blog. The Department of Education needs to hear from parents who have children with LD to help them develop a system focused on improving the student outcomes that we know will help our children lead independent, successful lives.