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What Do You Think About Charter Schools?

what-do-you-think-charter-schoolsLast week, the New York Daily News reported that parents have complained that Success Academy, a charter school in New York City, has been encouraging special education students to transfer out of the school. The Daily News interviewed several parents and analyzed Success Academy’s disciplinary policy and rates of suspension for students.

The news report in New York made us think about charter schools and how they serve students with learning disabilities (LD). Charter schools are designed to offer choice and opportunity for students within the public school system. Many of these schools are highly desirable for parents of students with disabilities because of the special curriculum, individualized instruction, and inclusive approach of teaching all students, including those with LD. However, the record on how well charters are serving students with disabilities, as a whole, is mixed.

We offer a free charter school report for parents interested in how these schools serve students with LD. We also have an article that gives parents guidance on choosing between different kinds of schools, including public charter schools.

But what we really want know is this: What do you think? Are charter schools good or bad for students with LD? Are they a bit of both? Do you have any stories or opinions to share? Let us know by commenting on this article. Thanks.