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Sneak Peek: What Is Understood?

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We’ve told you a little about Understood, the new parent resource that launches in just a few weeks. But there’s a lot more to share about the tools, resources and unique experiences Understood offers.

We’re especially excited about a few of the Understood tools that make it unlike anything available today:

Through Your Child’s Eyes: Experience the world as your child does. Simply select your child’s issue and grade. From there you’ll be guided through a simulation of what it’s like for a child with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD or executive functioning issues.

Parenting Coach: Get practical, age-specific tips on how to deal with everyday behavior challenges. Choose from 17 common challenges, including trouble with self-esteem, time management and fitting in. You’ll instantly receive ideas and conversation starters generated by the field’s top experts.

Decision Guide: Gain confidence as you navigate crucial turning points on your journey. This tool can help you make informed decisions, including whether or not your child is ready for kindergarten or if college is the right choice for your teenager.

You can also get advice from other parents who know what you’re going through. The Understood community will feature groups and discussion boards where you can share tips and experiences. And we’re hoping you’ll kick off some of these conversations. As LD.org readers, you’re already well equipped to help parents who are newer to the journey.

Daily access to experts is another unique aspect of Understood. Every day you’ll be able to join a conversation with thought leaders in learning and attention issues. They’ll be available to you through interactive chats and webinars, on social media and in the Understood community.

Understood will be a resource that’s personalized to where you are on your journey. We’ll cover topics you’re familiar with as well as new topics—like how your child can make friends and understand social cues—all available in bite-size articles, long-form “deep dives,” slideshows, charts, infographics and blogs. We’ll launch with over 1,500 pieces, with more added every day.

Understood will work equally well on your smartphone or tablet, and all of the content will be available in Spanish.

In the coming weeks, we’ll explain more of what you can expect when Understood launches. So keep an eye on this blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, feel free to post questions in the comments below.