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Do you have questions about learning disabilities? Scan our list of frequently asked questions below to access quick answers about LD. Simply click on a question to view a response. You can also find helpful information and tools related to learning disabilities by visiting our resources section, which features videos, podcasts, checklists, guides and more.

FAQ - LD Questions



Struggling Students, LD Evaluation, and Response to Intervention (RTI)

My school plans to use something called “response to intervention” with my 1st grader. Why won’t they just test him for a learning disability? I want her to get help ASAP!

I don’t agree with the school’s evaluation of my son. They say he doesn’t have a learning disability, but I know something isn’t right. There’s talk about implementing an RTI program, but I’m not sure whether this is good or bad, helpful or not. What do I do now?

My daughter is in junior high. She’s always been a slow reader, but now she’s getting further and further behind with her schoolwork. Could she have a learning disability like dyslexia?


My 2nd grader is really struggling in school, but I’m hesitant to have him tested for learning disabilities. I don’t want him to face the stigma of having the “LD” label. What should I do?


I think my daughter might have a learning disability, but my husband thinks she just needs to work harder on her school work. I want to help her now, but maybe my husband is right and we should wait and see. I don’t know what to do.


My son is really talented artistically, but he also has a hard time with academics. Could he be gifted and have a learning disability?


My daughter has always been okay in math, but now that she’s in high school she’s really struggling. Do you think she may have developed a math disability?


According to different checklists that I’ve seen, I think my preschooler may be a little behind developmentally. How do I know if he’s going to be ready for kindergarten?


Is my son having problems with reading because he’s developing more slowly or because he has a learning disability? Will the school (that just implemented RTI in the early grades) test him for dyslexia? He’s 8 years old.


My daughter is failing 3rd grade and the school is talking about holding her back. She might have a learning disability — I don’t know for sure — but will having her repeat a grade really help?


Just went to my child's ARD meeting and it confirmed what I knew all along that she does have a learning disability. My daughter is 7 and in 2nd grade, I have pushed since Pre-K for this testing, why does it take so long to get help? I'm thankful she will be getting the resources she needs, but I'm afraid of it being too late, is it?


How important is it for my child to have a specific label such as “dyslexia?” Is a classification of “LD” enough?


My child is in preschool. She’s having fun, but I’m not sure she’s learning. Is she at risk for LD? What are the warning signs?


My daughter is in junior high. She’s always been a slow reader, but now she’s getting even further behind with her schoolwork. Could she have a learning disability like dyslexia?


People are telling me not to request special education testing (which I feel my child needs) because the school is using an RTI approach. Is testing the right decision or is RTI a better approach?


My child’s elementary school did not have an RTI program but his junior/senior high school does. He’s been receiving special education help since 3rd grade. I’ve done some research into RTI, and it seems to be used more for younger kids. Can it help older kids too? As a parent, what should I expect as he moves to a school that uses RTI? Should I be worried about him getting the services he needs?


My daughter attends our neighborhood elementary school, and I’m not satisfied with it. I know I have the option to send her to another school in the district, or a charter school or private school, but I don’t know how to choose. She has LD and I know I need to consider that as I look at schools. How can I pick the best school for her?


My son has always been “okay” in math, but once he hit high school, he really started to struggle. Do you think he may have developed a math disability, dyscalculia?


I’m worried about my daughter’s future. I still need to help her every night with homework – and she’s now in high school. I’m exhausted. Will she ever get through college without my help?


In what specific ways will my child’s school monitor his progress?



Next week is my daughter's first IEP meeting and I'm terrified! How do I know she'll get what she needs?

My son, now in 7th grade, was identified with a specific learning disability (dyslexia) back in 1st grade. He has an IEP, but since he started middle school, he doesn't seem to be improving. I think he needs more help. What can I do?


My daughter's school didn't make AYP last year. I know that means the school as a whole isn't in good shape, but what does it mean for my daughter? She's getting special education services through an IEP. Should I put her in another school?


My 7 year old has a behavior problem in school. She has a 504 plan. However, the school is not implementing the plan. For example, when she has a behavior problem, school staff is supposed to let the special education teacher help her until she calms down. The school is saying they don’t have a place for her when she has a behavior problem and they are saying if she keeps doing it they will suspend her from school. Is that allowed?


On my child's 504 one accommodation is procedural guides for math. I am having a hard time finding any examples (i.e. middle school math). Can anyone help?


How involved should a parent be in the implementation of their child’s IEP? I’m not sure what my role is.