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Military Families and Students With Learning Disabilities

Children With Disabilities - Military FamilyFamilies in the military face learning opportunities as well as obstacles. When “military kids” struggle in school, their parents (and teachers) need to understand the unique educational landscape and laws that come into play—and what resources are available to help them. Whether you’re a military parent, an advocate, or a teacher, this guide will educate and empower you to help military children who struggle in school. Share it with someone to show you care!

What you’ll find inside

  • Children of military families move often and may shift between public schools to those governed by the military. Learn why, when these kids struggle in school, the challenges for them and their parents multiply.
  • For military parents, having a child in special education can be complicated. Prepare by arming yourself with information about the system and recent improvements to the law.
  • Helpful tips on how military parents can support their children in special education.
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Download your Military Families and Students With Learning Disabilities (11 pages), print, and go! (Note: You’ll need the Adobe Reader/Acrobat Reader to download the file.)

Additional Resources

This toolkit was made possible by a grant from Oak Foundation.