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Preschool Services Under IDEA

Pre School IDEA - Pre School Disabilities  While the preschool years are a time of triumphs for most children and families, approximately 8% of all young children are identified as having disabilities that may prevent their reaching important milestones as expected. It was with these children and their families in mind that Congress created the Part C Infant/Toddler Program and the Preschool Special Education Program in 1986 when it reauthorized the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

You and/or others who know your child may have questions or concerns about his or her development. Your pediatrician, well-child clinic staff, or preschool teacher can help to answer your questions and suggest next steps. It may be that no next steps are necessary as your child is developing within the normal range. However, if there is concern, this Parent Advocacy Brief describes the steps you can take to learn about the services your preschooler may be entitled to under the Section 619 Preschool Program.


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