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School Toolkit: The Truth About Bullying

School Toolkit - Truth About BullyingThe National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) has partnered with The Bully Project to draw attention to this nationwide problem and to commit time and resources to prevent and stop bullying of this at-risk population. The attached collection of articles and resources will help you reflect upon ways to protect children with LD and other disabilities in your school from bullying, giving you the information and tools needed to both ensure their safety and help them be recognized and appreciated as valued members of their school community.

This toolkit includes articles on the following

  • The Social/Emotional Side of Learning Disabilities
  • Behavior Problems and Learning Disabilities
  • The Truth About Bullying and LD
  • Reaching for Resilience
  • Building Resilience in Children with Challenges


Download your School Toolkit: The Truth About Bullying (16 pages), print, and go! (Note: You’ll need the Adobe Reader/Acrobat Reader to download the file.)