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Apps for Parents of Children With LD

Apps Parents of Children LDAll parents face a daily balancing act. And your child’s learning disability means that you’ve got even more things to keep track of—evaluations, IEP meeting dates and maybe even appointments with tutors. Luckily, many apps out there can be really helpful, both with school-related appointments and even with day-to-day family schedules. I’ve researched or tested all of these mobile apps, and I find them to be really helpful.






This app helps parents develop specific strategies to improve their child's education.


Chore Pad

Chore Pad is a motivational tool that awards children with gold stars for performing chores.


Your Turn - Kid Timer

This is an app for parents who struggle to determine whose turn it is to play on an iPod or iPhone. It sets a specific time for your children to play and alerts them when it’s time to pass it on. 



This file-sharing software allows users to easily share photos, documents, videos and more.


Alarm Clock Free

This free alarm clock for the iPad and comes with snooze and sound fade-in features. It displays live, local weather conditions, which can help children think about what they're going to wear that day as soon as they wake up!



mSecure is a password manager and protector. It keeps track of crucial personal information and protects it from potential threats.

Note: These apps were tested on Apple products like the iPhone and iPad in December 2012. New editions may change the nature of an app, making it more or less LD-friendly. “New” may not mean “better” for you. Also, our recommendations don’t include complimentary apps that require you to buy a full version of a program.

Darla Hatton is a reading specialist. She and Kaila, her teenage daughter (who has dyslexia) have been active members of the larger LD community for years, including giving presentations at the Family Cafe's Annual Conference in Florida. They’re committed to sharing information and supporting the success of individuals with learning disabilities.


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