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A Parent's Perspective — Multiple Children, Multiple Challenges (audio)

about learning disabilities–students with disabilities

In this Parent Perspective, two parents, each with several children (some with special needs), talk candidly about the challenges of meeting each child's specific needs and maintaining balance, communication, and understanding within the family.

They share their parenting philosophies (such as celebrating each child's strengths) and describe the practical strategies they use to meet the needs of their disabled and non-disabled children alike.


icon_podcastsListen to "Multiple Children, Multiple Challenges" today! (length: 15 minutes)


The Parent Leader Team is part of NCLD's Parents as Advocates program. The team serves in an informal advisory capacity, giving input and feedback on prevailing and emerging issues that stand in the way of children receiving the support they need to succeed.This podcast was made possible by a grant from Oak Foundation.

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