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NCLD’s Learning and Literacy Screening Tools

Get Ready to Read - Early Literacy Screening ToolsGet Ready To Read! is a service of the National Center for Learning Disabilities designed to support parents, educators and young children in the development of early literacy skills. There, you’ll find two free screening schools that provide a “snapshot” of your pre-kindergarten-age child’s skills.

The Early Learning Observation Rating Scale (ELORS)

The purpose of ELORS is to help teachers and parents gather information with specific attention to characteristics that might be early warning signs of learning disabilities. It focuses on children’s overall learning progress in seven developmental areas: perceptual and motor, self-management, social and emotional, early math, early literacy, receptive language and expressive language. Many children struggle with learning new skills at some point during their development, and most catch up with some extra practice and individual attention. If you are concerned about your child, don’t wait. Learn more about our ELORS Sreening Tool now.

The Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool

This tool was designed for use by parents and early education providers with children in the year before they enter kindergarten. It assesses the following key early-literacy skills: print knowledge, linguistic awareness and emergent writing. Learn more about this important early literacy screening tool.

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