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Problem Signs: Is It LD?

What Are Learning Disabilities - LD Learning Disabilities Everyone has trouble from time to time remembering names, balancing a checkbook, following directions, etc. For most people, these are not problems that they experience on a routine basis. For others, however, problems with learning and applying information interfere with their daily lives. Often, these individuals are not aware that they have learning disabilities. Many struggle for years to learn or perform certain basic tasks without understanding the reason for their difficulties. When they finally discover the cause of their problems is a learning disability, they speak of the relief that this knowledge brings. With this knowledge comes the ability to address the problem, to find ways to work around the disability, and ultimately, to meet success in life.

It's not always easy to recognize learning disabilities. There is no single indicator or universal profile that fits everyone. However, the following checklist may be helpful. If you or someone you know displays these signs, it may be time to seek additional information or help:


Signs of LD

  • Often spelling the same word differently in a single document
  • Reluctance to take on reading or writing tasks
  • Trouble with open-ended questions on tests
  • Weak memory skills
  • Difficulty in adapting skills from one setting to another
  • Slow work pace
  • Poor grasp of abstract concepts
  • Inattention to details or excessive focus on them
  • Frequent misreading of information
  • Trouble filling out applications or forms
  • Easily confused by instructions
  • Poor organizational skills

Many people who do not have learning disabilities experience some of these signs from time to time. The time for concern is when a person repeatedly encounters these types of difficulty and when these challenges have a negative impact on everyday life. If that’s the case with you or someone you know, then an evaluation should be scheduled. But before you do that, understand the benefits of being tested by a qualified professional. If you decide that you want an evaluation, you should find out how to get one and what it will entail.

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