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Developmental Assets and What They Mean to Your Child

Development of A Child - Developmental MilestoneThe dictionary defines the word asset as “a useful and desirable thing or quality.” For a child, “assets” are their areas of strength. Over the last 20 years a number of research studies have been conducted that have identified 40 qualities or characteristics in youth that reduce the risk of becoming involved with drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, school failure, criminal activity and suicide.

The Search Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth and communities. They accomplish this through research, developing publications and providing technical assistance that supports the healthy development of all children and adolescents.

The 40 developmental assets provide a framework for parents and schools to talk about developing positive behaviors and resistance skills in children to assist them in becoming healthy competent adults. Learn about the 40 developmental assets and suggestions for asset development and information about current research findings. on the Search Institute’s website.

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