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4 Skills for Making Friends

How to Make Friends | 4 Skills Children Need for Making FriendsTo succeed in math or reading your child needs specific skills. The same goes for connecting with other kids and making friends. Here are the four types of skills needed to make friends.

4 Skills for Making FriendsThe benefits of social success can be huge. It can build self-esteem and lead to success in other areas. Having weak social skills doesn’t mean your child won’t be able to make friends. But she may need your help and support.

Skill #1: Initiate Conversation

Social interaction revolves around talking to other people. Can your child think of appropriate topics to chat about based on the person she’s with and where they are?

Skill #2: Interpret Social Situations

Being able to size up a situation and the people in it is key to knowing how to act. Does your child know when to start or stop talking based on what’s happening around her?


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Skill #3: Interact Positively

There’s a positive way to engage with people and a negative way. Is your child able to join a conversation without interrupting or calling negative attention to herself?

Skill #4: Pay Attention to the Speaker

One of the basic social rules is to listen when someone else is speaking. Can your child maintain her focus and follow what someone’s saying from start to finish

Once you know the communication skills involved in making friends, you can help your child develop them. You can also find strategies for handling specific social situations.

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