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  • dysgraphia-social-skills


    4 Social Challenges

    Dysgraphia can make it difficult to write, but it affects children socially, too. Learn about the social challenges your child may face.

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  • boies-interview

    Exclusive Interview

    David Boies Talks Dyslexia

    David Boies talks about coping strategies he uses and gives advice to parents who have kids with learning and attention issues.

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  • understanding-adhd

    Understanding ADHD

    A Comprehensive Guide

    ADHD is a complex disorder. Learn the basics and ways to help kids with ADHD in this detailed guide.

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  • language-disorder-social-issues

    Language Issues

    How They Affect Social Life

    Language disorders can make it difficult for children to engage in conversation. Here are some common social challenges.

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  • CBE


    Competency-Based Education

    Get a free infographic on how personalized learning or competency-based education affects your child.

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  • state-of-ld

    State of LD

    Third Edition, 2014

    One in five Americans is impacted by learning and attention issues. Get the facts and more in NCLD’s latest report.

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Six Word Contest

parent storiesThanks to everyone who entered the contest. We've selected a winner! Congratulations to Russ, who submitted this story: Family motto, "label jars, not people."

Our judges had a tough choice to make, with nearly 1,800 parent stories to choose from. They all illustrate different facets of parenthood, but as you read through them, you'll find that most stories speak of dedication, determination and love.

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Six-Word Parent Stories: