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Accommodations vs. Modifications: What’s the Difference? (audio)

about learning disabilities–students with disabilities

Students with learning disabilities often need additional supports, including tools or procedures, in order to access information and to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. These supports may be used in the regular classroom environment, when doing homework, and in testing situations. In this audio podcast, Dr. Lindy Crawford explains the critical differences between two very different types of supports: accommodations and modifications.

It’s critically important for parents and teachers to understand the difference between these two terms: how accommodations can be used to help students meet high expectations while the use of modifications can lead to lower expectations for academic achievements.


Listen to "Accommodations vs. Modifications: What’s the Difference?" (length: 12 minutes)



Lindy Crawford is an associate professor of Special Education in the College of Education at Texas Christian University, and a National Center for Learning Disabilities Professional Advisory Board member.


This podcast was made possible by a grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.

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