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Kids With LD Gain Confidence by Reciting the Gettysburg Address

A new film about kids with LD learning the Gettysburg AddressDedication, perseverance and confidence—these are the values kids with learning and attention issues gain as they recite President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address each year at The Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont.

Greenwood is a middle and high school for boys with learning disabilities and other challenges. Since the school’s founding in 1978, Greenwood students have recited Lincoln’s speech in front of peers and families as a way to learn American history, build confidence and raise their own expectations about what they can accomplish.

Now, on the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s speech, award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns has released The Address—a new documentary that tells the story of the challenges and triumphs of Greenwood students. In its exploration of learning and attention issues, the film also unlocks the history and importance of President Lincoln’s timeless words.

Check out the emotional trailer below. Be sure to share the film with your child as well.

Do you think your child might benefit from learning the Gettysburg Address? Go to the next page to read about strategies expert teachers at Greenwood School use to support students with learning and attention issues.

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