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Online Tutorial on Learning Disabilities for Educators

Teaching Disabilities-Learning Disabilities Strategies Learning disabilities (LD) is the most prevalent educationally handicapping condition in school-aged children. While the challenges faced by students with LD often overlap with those experienced by students who have other disorders that impact learning, behavior and attention, a keen understanding of LD is essential to providing these students with the unique types of instruction and support they need to be successful in school. The best way to help a child with a learning disability (or a child who shows signs of struggle with learning) is to understand what LD is and is not, and to be prepared to choose and implement effective strategies and interventions that will ensure success throughout the school years and prepare the child for successful transition to advanced schooling and gainful employment.

This primer on learning disabilities, co-developed by NCLD and Teachers Without Borders, was designed to equip general education teachers with a broad set of basic resources to inform their practice and guide their lesson planning and collaboration with other professionals in their school. It is also intended to provide guidance to educators (and parents) that will result in effective communication and productive partnerships between home and school. Listen to the lessons via podcast, follow along with the written transcripts, and check your learning through simple self-check quizzes after each lesson. And, be sure to review the recommended reading. Educators will also have the opportunity (and are encouraged) to connect with colleagues across the country and build a community of practice on course topic areas.

Feel free to share this free, online professional development opportunity with others (educators and parents), and encourage them to learn about LD in general and more specifically, about how to help students with learning disabilities succeed in and outside the classroom.

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