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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Individuals with learning disabilities (LD) and those with autism present very different profiles in terms of learning, attention and behavior. But just like LD, autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome) do not go away with time. Many individuals with LD struggle with some of the same types of challenges.


Autism Spectrum Disorders


Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: A Primer

Nonverbal Learning Disability - Autism Spectrum Disorders When most people think about learning disabilities (LD), and particularly as they present themselves during the early elementary and middle school grades, attention is focused on language-related problems such as reading, writing and spelling. This is consistent with the definition of specific learning disabilities that is found in federal law and with the consensus papers written by the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities.

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Learning Disabilities and Asperger’s Syndrome

Aspergers Syndrome - Aspergers Disorder Since children with LD and Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) sometimes share characteristics, it is tempting to say that they meet the diagnostic criteria for either classification. But this is not the case—learning disabilities and Asperger’s Syndrome are separate and distinct disorders, and different types of assessments and strategies for intervention need to be selected to address the distinct and sometimes overlapping features of each.

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4 Ways Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Can Affect Your Child’s Social Life

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: Social Situation Challenges for KidsIf you’ve ever watched a silent movie, you know how much information and emotion can be conveyed without speaking. Kids with nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD), however, don’t always understand the facial expressions and body language they’re seeing. They also have trouble understanding changes in tone of voice. Here are some common social challenges caused by nonverbal learning disabilities.

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