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Six Helpful Dyspraxia Resources

Dyspraxia - Helpful ResourcesAre you or your child struggling with dyspraxia, a disorder that affects motor skill development? Although dyspraxia is not a learning disability (LD), features of dyspraxia are sometimes seen in those who struggle with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and other conditions that impact learning, such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). First, be sure to check out our homepage, LD.org for more on dyspraxia and other challenges that may co-exist with it.

The following resources will help you learn more about dyspraxia and find help. Also, because many individuals with dyspraxia struggle with handwriting, be sure to check out NCLD’s Helpful Dysgraphia Resources for helpful resources on writing.

Dyspraxia Foundation USA: The Dyspraxia Foundation USA is committed to being the source for the latest information and research. They offer a social community for those interested in sharing their stories about dyspraxia and a public relations center dedicated to building awareness and acceptance, as well as lots of facts and helpful information.

Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder?: Unravelling the Enigma: If you’ve already learned the basics of dyspraxia and are ready to take your knowledge to a deeper level, this medical journal article would be a good place to start. It reviews the diagnosis of dyspraxia from a medical perspective.

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey by Michele Gianetti, R.N.: This book describes one parent’s struggle to have her child’s dyspraxia diagnosed and treated. It offers suggestions for school and home life, advocacy strategies, and more.

Learning Disabilities: Dyspraxia: Looking for a quick, simple, accurate overview of dyspraxia to distribute to your child’s teachers or others involved in their education? This article would be perfect.

Tips for Teaching the Child with Dyspraxia: Want practical tips to help students with dyspraxia succeed in the classroom? Check out these ideas from the Dyspraxia Foundation.

What is Dyspraxia? How is Dyspraxia Treated?: This informative article will deepen your knowledge of dyspraxia by providing a clear description of the challenges posed by the condition and links to recent research.