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Top 10 Myths About Learning Disabilities—Busted!

Top 10 Myths About LDA few months ago, we surveyed 1,980 adults nationwide about their perceptions of learning disabilities (LD). Although many of the people surveyed were knowledgeable about LD, we still found some serious misconceptions. For example, one in five wrongly believed that LD is caused by a poor diet.

With beliefs like this floating around, we feel like it’s time to present the top 10 myths about LD and debunk them. To launch the slideshow (it will appear in a pop-up window), click on the large “myth” picture below.

Now that you know the truth, it’s your turn to help bust myths about LD.

How? Start by sharing this article with your friends, family and school community via email, Facebook or Twitter. Explore LD.org to learn more about LD so that when you hear false statements, you can correct them and point others toward reliable and accurate sources of information. Finally, make sure to sign up for updates on the latest LD information.

Top 10 Myths About LD