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Two Minutes in Your Child’s Shoes

Ever wonder what your child with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or other learning and attention issues faces on a daily basis? The slideshow below will take you through some tasks that, on the surface, look easy to do (even fun!), but they are types of tasks that some people with LD find maddening. Scanning a visual array of letters and numbers and searching for the one that is different should be a breeze. And looking past the actual letters and numbers, calling upon vocabulary knowledge and memory skills to decipher jumbled sentences is a snap for most skilled readers. But for individuals who have dyslexia and others who struggle with attention issues, these types of activities are anything but fun—they take much longer to do and demand great effort.

Does this help you imagine what your kids with learning and attention issues go through when faced with similar types of challenges (such as scanning printed materials for detail)? Trying to remember “rules” about sounding out words? Trying to make sense new printed information without first knowing what it is about?