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What Causes LD?

What Causes Learning Disabilities? | Reasons for LDWhile there is still no proven cause of learning disabilities (LD), there is knowledge related to what causes LD. Here are three things that could cause LD.

  1. Heredity

    Learning disabilities often run in families. Children with LD are likely to have parents or other relatives with similar difficulties.

  2. Problems during pregnancy and birth

    An illness or injury during or before birth may cause LD. Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, low birth weight, lack of oxygen and premature or prolonged labor may also lead to LD.

  3. Incidents after birth

    Serious illness, head injuries, poor nutrition and exposure to toxins such as lead can contribute to LD.

Learning disabilities are not caused by economic disadvantage or cultural differences, nor are they the result of lack of educational opportunity. That said, children who are denied timely and effective instruction during critical times during their development are at high risk for showing signs of LD during the school years and beyond.

Video: What Is LD?