How NCLD’s Policy and Advocacy Work Makes a Difference

Written by | 5 years ago

A Loud Voice.

  • NCLD speaks up about the issues that are important to the millions of children and adults with learning disabilities (LD). We work to make sure that federal lawmakers remember people with LD when drafting legislation. The policy work we do ensures that your collective voice is heard.
  • Working Together as a United Front.

  • We create and develop relationships and mobilize forces with other organizations to expand our connections and grassroots voice. More voices focused on issues affecting people with LD help lawmakers know what is important and what needs to be done.
  • We Know Congress.

  • NCLD knows the key decision makers and their staff in Washington, DC. They look to us to help shape the laws and regulations that states, school districts, and schools must follow to support students with LD.
  • Devil is in the Details.

  • NCLD’s policy team reads the fine print so you don’t have to. Legislation is dense, complex, and time-consuming to read. NCLD reads key legislation to understand the impact on people with LD. We propose solutions, negotiate changes, and strive to make sure people with LD are not deprived of critical rights and opportunities, and that the programs that support and protect those with LD receive funding.
  • Training.

  • NCLD trains parents to be good advocates for themselves, their children, and communities—and to work with us, too. Self-advocacy is an important skill that can lead to a desire to advocate for others. Join with us!
  • Programs: