Webinar: Decoding Dyslexia Takes the Hill

Written by Lindsay Jones, NCLD Public Policy and Advocacy Director | 5 years ago

Have you ever thought about taking an advocacy trip to Washington D.C. on your own or as part of a group, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Last week, NCLD hosted a webinar “Decoding Dyslexia Takes the Hill” for a group of advocates coming to Capitol Hill. We encourage you to listen in if you’re thinking about visiting Congress.

During the webinar, I outline how to be an effective advocate, from delivering a great message to social media tips. I’m then joined by two hill staffers—Jean Fundakowski and Christine Lofgren—who describe how to ensure a successful meeting. Ed Bray, from Learning Ally, adds a few excellent tips and tricks that have proven successful for him when he has meetings on Capitol Hill—don’t forget to hydrate! And last, Kathy Stratton from Decoding Dyslexia New Jersey tells a personal story about a successful meeting both at the state and federal level.

We encourage you to be vocal about your family’s struggles and victories—you have more power than you think! Your stories give life to legislation. It is personal stories from families like yours that help members of Congress make decisions.

To view the full webinar, click here.