Parent Advocates Have a “Capitol Hill Day” in Washington, DC

Written by | 7 years ago

The National Center for Learning Disabilities hosted a Parent Advocate Hill Day in Washington, DC. NCLD parent advocates Esther Falcetta, Bette Erickson, Marcie Lipsitt, Altaf Rahamatulla, and Mark Halpert came from across the country to participate in this event. The goal? To have parent leaders talk directly with their state’s Congressional staff about key legislative issues that impact the education and safety of students with learning disabilities.

Our parent leaders discussed legislation regarding:

  • ESEA reauthorization
  • the ABLE Act
  • the Safe Schools Improvement Act
  • and the Keeping All Students Safe Act

The NCLD parent advocates also met with the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee staff, and House Education and Workforce staff. Both days were filled with many successful advocacy efforts!

Visit NCLD’s Action Alert Center to support these important legislative issues in the future.