Here’s to You, Parents: Six Words of Encouragement From LD Experts

Written by NCLD Editors | 6 years ago

We ran a contest asking parents like you to submit their stories—in just six words. The response was overwhelming; we had nearly 2,000 entries! As a token of gratitude for your participation, we asked some of the top brains in the LD field—members of our Professional Advisory Board—to provide words of encouragement for parents…also in six words. Their statements are below.

  • What you believe comes to be

  • Your caring and understanding matters most

  • It’s not “services,” it is results

  • Of course we can do it!

  • Words seldom heard: yes we can

  • My child needs to be understood

  • Powerful perspectives from professionals to support you

  • Unlimited e-reader budget creates independent readers

  • Promise: positive school meeting coming soon

  • Your child is perfect. Find her gifts

  • Find strengths in your child’s neurodiversity

  • Don’t waste time looking for fixes

  • Educators care about your child’s success!

  • Parents, students and teachers working together

  • Collaboration is a road to success

  • Strengths should define your child too

  • Yes it can be much better

  • Persevere Advocate Learn Accept Support

  • Believe that things can change dramatically

  • Good intervention can dramatically improve outcomes

  • Believe in strengths, never give up

  • Effective teaching can lead to success

  • Your child succeeds with your support

  • Support advocate cry love and triumph

  • Trust in your child—and yourself

  • Stick with it, it gets better

  • NCLD provides amazing leadership to parents

  • Never stop being passionate about yours

  • Opened my eyes to new thinking

  • Initial heartbreak, now I have peace

  • Success is about relying on teamwork