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3. Students with disabilities are much more likely to repeat a grade, which studies show increases the risk of not graduating.

Students with an Individualized Education Program^ (IEP)—including those with SLD and OHI—are 85% more likely to be held back or retained than their peers who have not been identified with disabilities.3 For example, in 2013–2014, students with IEPs made up 12% of high school students but 22% of high school students who had to repeat a grade.4

Students with a 504 plan^ were also disproportionately retained: in 2013–2014, they were more than twice (110%) as likely to be held back as students without disabilities.5 Louisiana had the highest percentage of retained students who had 504 plans (10.9%). Texas had the highest number of retained students who had 504 plans (11,339), which accounted for 7% of students who repeated a grade.